Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Theophany as Theology

“A consecrated and holy walk in the the only genuine basis we have for a proper understanding of the Scriptures.  Without that consecration and that walk in the Spirit we might acquire a considerable understanding of theology, but it will be theology devoid of Truth.  After all, theology is the study about God and about Truth; whereas Truth is a living, vital, powerful demonstration of the Spirit of God, pulsating with Divine life and power and wisdom and knowledge”—George H. Warnock

The dead letter of the Law (encompassing a static understanding of New Covenant grace and truth)—even understood perfectly by the carnal mind—is theoretical theology, but the spirit of the Law interpreted by the mind of Christ is THEOPHANY AS THEOLOGY.  Theology is the Queen of the Sciences, whereas Theophany is the King of kings.  Science comes with observation; the kingdom of God comes without observation.

Theophany means a “Manifestation of God that is tangible to the human senses.”  Experience the Lord in all His glory—in the full shock of His wondrous light—and all theoretical theology darkens to oblivion in that flash reality of God rending the heavens and coming down to man in his sensory world.    

Engineer and erect a lean and perfect body of understanding in religious garb and you get a mere religious philosophy; fatten that stoic philosophy with colorful splashes of imagination and swoons of emotion and you still get a religious philosophy (albeit a more fanciful one).  Dress it lean and logical or fat and colorful, but either way, religious philosophy is virtually massless and weightless compared to the massive and weighty presence of God.

When Theophany IS our theology—when we are moved by the Holy Spirit to express whatever He whispers to us in our spirits rather than expressing what our own mind or private theology suggests to us—than we truly war mightily against all “arguments and theories and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against THE [TRUE] KNOWLEDGE OF GOD [emphasis mine]” (2 Corinthians 10:5 AMPC).

The true knowledge of God is theophany—a “Manifestation of God that is tangible to the human senses;” true Christianity is God incarnate in man’s flesh, and the revelation of Jesus Christ, its perfect expression FELT!  Empirical arm’s length understanding, however perfect its exegeses, is insufficient to convert and excite real change.  THE TRUE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD is a subjective visitation of God that transcends any interpretation of that visit.

THEOPHANY AS THEOLOGY might not explain things sufficiently to carnal minds, but any soul open to Truth cannot deny the compelling power of God oozing from every pore of a human vessel filled with the treasure of His presence.  There are times to explain Him (theology), but ALWAYS demonstrate Him (Theophany).