Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Imminent

Yesterday morning (7/17/13) the Holy Spirit whispered “it’s imminent” to me while simultaneously giving me a flashback about a dream a lady from my church had once communicated to me.  In it, our mutual pastor was sitting at a table with his head slightly drooped and muttering about something that involved the whole world.  He seemed somewhat despondent—but also filled with wonderment—as he contemplated the magnitude of this thing God had communicated to him regarding the whole world.  Not directly communicated in that scene—but there behind the phenomenon which affected the whole world—were some things about the number 4 (and especially the triplicate and most intensified form of it: 444).

Prior to the day this church lady told me about her dream I had been communicating to both her and our pastor many things in regards to the Biblical significance of the number 4.  Basically, the number 4 signifies God’s inanimate and lower animate creative works; Bullinger, in his book Number in Scripture, said “It is the number of things that have a beginning, of things that are made, of material things, and matter itself.  It is the number of material completeness.  Hence it is the world number, and especially the “city” number.”  A quick list of some things in quadruplet form are: the 4 great elements (earth, air, fire and water), the 4 regions of the earth (north, south, east and west), and the 4 seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter).

Additionally, Vallowe, in Biblical Mathematics said “The world, in which men lived and worked and died, was conveniently symbolized by FOUR.  A number of further divisibility, FOUR stands for WEAKNESS found in the world and man.” He also said “Important is the indirect meaning of trial, testing, and experience, derived from the fact that the earth is the scene of man’s testing.  FOUR is the number of CREATION and mark’s CREATIVE WORKS.  It is the signature of the world.”  Lastly, and from which I deem to be the most evocative point about the significance of 4, I look to Naish and his book Spiritual Arithmetic.  In it he said the Greek word “therison,” which means “reap,” has a value of 444 and is used 21 times throughout the New Testament.  However, its 2 time use in Revelation 14: 14-16—about an angel asking someone like a son of man who sat on a cloud to put in his sickle and reap the harvest of the earth (because the hour to reap had come)—is of particular interest to me.

Finally, I surmise from these snippets of revelation, insight, and research that the final reaping of the earth is imminent.  I am not sure exactly what it means (how it will play out)—and I want to avoid being presumptuous—but it seems to me God is about to finalize everything.  To sum it all up, I wrote these words months ago:

“The heydays of correction and instruction are essentially over; the maturing process will not wait for us forever.  We are ever moving to a sealing—but not the kind that has skylights!  The days of youth gather information and instruction which are the engines of our old-age wisdom; if we fail to buy gold tried in the fire and white garments to cover our shame and nakedness—if we fail to transact with Christ—we are fools. Either God will seal us as His servant (see Revelation 7:3) upon our forehead or an angel will stencil a ‘666’ across it; either way, we are going to eventually be forever sealed, locked into a perpetual state of being."

Are you ready?