Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Opening the Rock

“He opened the rock, and water gushed out; it ran in the dry places like a river” (Psalm 105:41). 

In the tortuous book of Job, we read of man discovering value deep inside the recesses of the rock of this earth.  Indeed, “Man puts an end to darkness, and to the farthest limit he searches out the rock in gloom and deep shadow” (Job 28:3).  Though he finds copper, gold and sapphires, he does so by hewing rock and damming rivers; “in gloom and deep shadows” he brings earthly treasures to light, but wisdom escapes him (see Job 28:12-22). 

Likewise, we bring treasure to light in pursuit of OPENING THE ROCK, but we too often dam the waters rather than release them; wisdom escapes us!  Oh Lord, have mercy on your blind and foolish servants!  Gloom and deep shadows are not the proper environment in which to seek the treasures of our Rock.

Yes, there is a component of sorrow and deep darkness that often precedes joy and enlightenment; we must through much tribulation and the valley of the shadow of death enter the kingdom of God and the joy of our Lord.  In faith—and therefore in darkness—we study to show ourselves approved unto God, workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth; we hew a shaft through solid Rock in order to mine the gushing and life-giving waters of eternal life.

OPENING THE ROCK is more than opening scripture; many read and study scripture only to wither away for lack of moisture.  The Holy Spirit must lead us and open to us the treasures of the Rock.  And prayer must prime the pump; dry study—without the grease of intercession—burns up the bearings of all penetrating realization.  Study yields little enlightenment without corresponding travail and sensitive communication with our Lord and Savior.