Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Beneath the Clouds

There is sunshine beyond the clouds
Way above our puny heads
Beyond the secondary light of moonshine
And her third cousin’s twinkling
Stars that brighten the show;
Beyond the production of our collective heads
Beyond the ramifications of our conceived
Conceited eternal destinies
Beyond the mechanical eyes’ reach
Light has yet to illuminate
Our mortal souls.

Satellites circle our circumferences
And answer every angle we inspire,
But when
Oh when!
You mortal souls
Will you understand
And only just
What is clouded?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


We, desiring an uninhibited flow
of form both liquid and solid
in matter and matters beyond
our capabilities seeking and probing
unexplored topics and topography
everywhere our heads dictating our feet
where we move unabashed and bashing
every party and funeral visiting
those gone and going inside
scurrying about like insects
squashing and treading wrath
grapes of our wine and whines
fueling the hollows of our thought patterns
breaking and static waving riding
to the shores and store windows
shopping and peeping through glasses
beyond mannequins into a sea
where the living swelling and cresting
souls’ content is near finishing
populating the earth.