Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our Real Personalities

I think of personality as that part of man the Scripture calls “soul,” and which is most commonly constituted as containing our mind, will, and emotions.  Before salvation, forces originating within our baser element (our bodies) are transmitted and transmuted through these three soul parts resulting in an expression which can only feign to be our true or whole personality.  Because our spirits are dead (since the Fall of Mankind) and is its own separate organ attached to our souls (howbeit without genuine animation) and comprised of three components: intuition, conscience, and communion, and each and all of these parts still function independent of their original design, they are misunderstood. Our spirit, designed only to function connected to God’s Spirit, when disconnected (before regeneration) can only misguide and caricaturize the human creature and genuine personality.

The body was never designed to inform the soul (or our spirits for that matter) because the soul is the medium between body and spirit; the spirit is designed to be directly attached to God and is therefore our paramount part, but it can only inform the body indirectly through the soul.  When we get saved, our spirit comes alive again, and begins to retake its old place as the voice which commands the soul.  It is to our spirit that God speaks to with His still small voice; thus forces originating from our spirits (in response to His voice) is that which gets transmitted and transmuted through our souls (then through our bodies) resulting in our true—but as yet—immature and emerging personality expression.

Our spirit, now reconnected and informed by His Spirit, begins to expand and influence our soul, melding its three soul components back to its three corresponding spirit components (mind to intuition, will to conscience, emotions to communion); the soul’s mind combines with the spirit’s intuition to create intellectual brilliance, the will combines with conscience to brilliantly light one’s path, and emotions combine with communion to utterly betroth us to God forever.  Only now does the full, true, redeemed, and mature personality begin to emerge.