Friday, January 3, 2014

Universal Autism

We’re all crazy, every one of us autistic, selectively intelligent.  Or so it seems to me, to this only-partially-operating-properly human being.  So don’t be too quick to disagree with me or be too sure of why you think I am wrong, because although I’m partial to my partiality, I know what I know irrespective of your flawed perception of what I know (even though my viewpoint is also flawed).  Notwithstanding this fact, everyone forges ahead in the steam of their own particular delusional flavor seemingly oblivious to the magnitude of the spectrum of their respective brain disorganizations.  The ghosts in the machines are legion and can only be exorcised out, not exercised away.

Our brains are disproportionately developed; we know too much and too little at the same time.  We are social idiots, brilliant mathematicians, out of our minds, and too much in our heads.  We have both attention deficit disorders and attention surplus disorders; we hyperactively flit about and blur our focus outside all reasonable things to consider, and hyper-sluggishly root about and clarify our focus inside one unreasonable thing to consider.  We are both overwrought and underwhelmed, overplayed and underdeveloped, really utterly confused, and delusionally completely enlightened.