Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Thoughts On 2 Chronicles 20

The Moabites and Ammonites (those morbid inward self-absorbed seekers representing Carnal Christianity) and Meunites (Arabic peoples—Ishmaelites—living with or near Edomites/Esau—red man representing the unregenerate first Adam—impetuous and utterly self-willed people) rise up and congregate in an ecumenically plastic fashion in a common fleshly cause.  From beyond the Dead Sea—beyond the grave—having no business indulging themselves—this alliance of flesh—from the waste plains of Sodom and Gomorrah—“doubly dead, uprooted,” (Jude 12) these walking dead have the audacity to feign resurrection power.  Animated by the engine of carnality, empowered by the strength of the flesh, this caricaturized Christianity tries to assert its unregenerate agenda.

Like as the Lord will—in the end—call every unconverted man down to the valley of Megiddo to burst their hearts and dreams asunder, so the Lord has inflamed their minds with His purpose—and to Jehoshaphat, meaning the Lord Judges is exactly where he brings them.  Originating from Syria/Aram, meaning high, elevated—PRIDE  he entices them to gather at Hazazon-tamar, a pruning of the palms, or Engedi, fountain of the kid where each individual is brought to the searching sword out of the Savior’s mouth that divides asunder and separates sin—which clings too close to them—from their souls.

The entire palm is edible—all is fair game—and leads to springs of everlasting water rising up through Christ within man after he breaches the meat of the palm (palms only grow near water).  In Megiddo, Hadad Rimmon, the bursting of the pomegranates (or the bursting of the hearts of men) God’s final judgment occurs; here the events prefigure it.  God is calling carnal Christians to wake up before it is too late! Galatians 5:15 says it well:   “But if you bite and devour one another, take care that you are not consumed by one another.  The remedy follows (Galatians 5:16):   “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.”

Our flesh (with Satan opportunistically jumping on, making inroads, and always attempting to reach the inner sanctum—our hearts) has reigned too long; with a mighty hand God is going to judge Egypt right out of His people and enable us to walk in the Spirit—thus enabling us to mortify its import.  Jehoshaphat is right—it is TOO STRONG for us; but our eyes are on you Lord.  We are waiting with little children and women (those less strong, even those more unable than us to overcome the enemy) before our mighty God.  And as God foresaw this day, he sent a deliverer ahead of us—a Joseph company (and many reading this are that company).

In the midst of the assembly Jahaziel, He will be seen of God, son of Zechariah, Remembered of the Lord, son of Benaiah, Built up of the Lord, son of Jeiel, Hidden of God, son of Mattaniah, Gift of the Lord…a Levite (adhesion—to be joined), a son of Asaph (collector—gather up the rear) stands up and declares that this war is God’s and God’s alone.  In other words, a hidden but favored son arose to declare “thus saith the Lord”; a prophet from among the simple ranks.  He arose because a multitudinous fleshly intent—like the sins of the Amorites years before—had reached their fill; they were about to bloom in all their idiocy as they ascend to Ziz (to flower—to flourish) from Jeruel (founded of God).  In other words, all flesh will putrefy upon the bone—will peak, flourish, bloom, in all its hideous death—and it is the Sovereign Lord’s doing from the foundation of the world that all flesh will be judged.

To reiterate: a Joseph arises (a spiritual man surrounded by brothers of flesh) and yet collects up the straggling little ones that can hardly walk this walk, then adheres them—joins them—cements them into a city compact together.  This “gift of the Lord” prophet God graciously hid many years where He built him up.  Just when it seemed He had forgotten His faithful Joseph within the constraining prison, the Lord remembers Him and places His eye back upon Him (and His grace was poured out).  Thus, this Jahaziel (a relative unknown) is appointed by God to declare that God alone will accomplish His salvation.

Early in the morning.…in straightway obedience to God—they go out to the wilderness of Tekoa (that desert place—that lonely place—where each person stands alone and naked before God…it is here that each person’s tent is pitched and smitten—tested to see if it can endure hardship and rupture).  Jehoshaphat pleads with these people to obey His prophet, and to be established; to no longer look at the formidable gathering storm of the enemy, but rather to believe God’s prophets and their words.

We know the story—it took them three whole days to haul the spoils from their enemies; then, on the FOURTH day, they arose after they assembled in the valley of Beracah (blessing).  We have long talked about the third day, but it is the fourth day that truly enlightens.  The REALIZATION of third day events are manifested to the MIND on the fourth day; thus the fourth day His creation walks in resurrection life, whereas Jesus did so on the third day.  Four is only important after the third has occurred and been assimilated; manifesting Christ in mortal flesh is what God is all about—the third day arising to its zenith within the fourth day’s bosom.  The image of God restored to its proper place within the soul of man; the Trinity becoming one with its crowning creation—us!