Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Specific Gravity of Humanism
(Right Justified)

There is a specific gravity:
the weight of individuality
measured against, unilaterally,
all the sea of humanity.
A drop-in-the-bucket mentality
has the one who sees clearly
nothing of apparent reality,
but values his responsibility
above the high tide of unity.
Humanism, in its simplicity,
ignores inherent complexity,
and would take men out contextually
from his person he uses habitually,
and would fill his drop-mentality
with oceans of unified integrity!
Is it that we must circumspectly
walk within a world gravity,
whose weight we feel universally,
that imposes this quandary?
We answer from obscurity:
in the thinking light of creativity,
with the mind of our nativity,
in a way that seems rightly,
we conclude our human divinity.

New under the sun -man’s divinity!
“Ye are gods –but will die like men,” blasphemy.
In this New Age, there is, distinctively,
a complex and brilliant disparity,
against one Whole Man in His dignity
Who walked beneath His majesty!