Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Proper Evangelistic Expression

It has been my experience that both the treasure within my earthen jar (Christ within)—and my earthen jar (myself)—must both be expressed to make a proper evangelistic expression.  If I am to manifest Christ in my mortal body, I must be willing to be exposed as the failure and phony that I am in relationship to the success and reality He is.  Christ is just too sublime and too extraordinary to be revealed in the fullness of His being today (we await the Day of the Lord for that); for now He must be revealed juxtaposed beside or situated within darkness and mortality.  He shines forth from the depths of darkness and mortality as a means of being properly discerned by sinful man; it is the splendor of Christ contrasted by the opaque Christian container which apparently emanates just enough light and truth to convert souls.  Too much light and God kills people by the very essence of His being and the brightness of His coming towards them; too little light, and people die in a vast wilderness simply groping for enough enlightenment to even know they need God.