Monday, July 29, 2013

Signs in the Heavenlies

A black hole is like the evaporation of yesterday in the morning blaze of today, and we only know that a black hole exists by the absence of phenomena surrounding it.  While yesterdays vanish like vapors or memories today, the matter—both material substance and meaning—intensifies, condenses, and is extruded through the eye of the needle out into another dimension of time and space that escapes our understanding.  We, and everything we own, in both mind and matter, is narrowed, spaghettified, and thrust into this new dimension by an implosion here and a corresponding explosion there. 

In other words, even the end of depression is the beginning of an impression somewhere else, and that which seems a loss to us from our earth-standing perspective is a gain from the standpoint of heaven.  Earthly implosions are heavenly explosions; likewise, implosions in heaven are expressed as explosions upon the earth.  An impression here is an expression there (and vice versa) and a binding here is a loosing there (and vice versa).  Heaven and earth are kissing dimensions that impact each other at the edges or borders of the masses of their respective atmospheres. 

No light can escape the imploded matter of yesterday, its gravitational pull being inverted and streamed inward until it’s every import is lost to our natural observation—an internalizing and condensing matter forever turned in upon its self and extinguished at the borders of our realm.  When God transforms todays into yesterdays, He eliminates their gravitational influence and snaps their bending lights, their distortions, back into their straight and unambiguous forces of enlightenment. 

We are the falling stars of yesterday, the black holes of today, and hopefully, a bright spot tomorrow shining “like the brightness of the expanse of heaven” in magnitude of enlightenment and breadth of impact (Daniel 12: 3).

The Metaphysics of Salvation

Implosions are just explosions expressed
Another way, as Black Holes are notions
That explain unexplainable motions
Of heavenly bodies as they are pressed
Beyond the limits of known law. Compressed
Substance—now more substantial; Emotions—
Now more heart-felt.  Religious devotions
Condensing import like feelings regressed.

The pressure inside is a perversion
Of makeup, just as death is inversion
Of life somewhere else.  Weakness bulges where
The essence gathers and compels our prayer.
Through the eye of a needle we go home,
Bare as a baby, skinny as a poem.